Hard Services

Our facilities management solutions are focused on enhancing each workplace, from mechanical and electrical maintenance testing and compliance, planned preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance. Our team pride themselves on their high-quality service delivery ensuring our clients expectations are met each time, there are many benefits of hard maintenance which will improve your business’ efficiency.

Statutory Building Compliance and Testing

Statutory building compliance and commercial property compliance is a complex set of regulations, assessments and inspections that all businesses need to undertake to comply with current government legislation. Staying in accordance with the current building legislation is vital in order to sustain safe and legal operations. Penguin FM provides property compliance services to help your buildings stay compliant and risk free.

At Penguin FM we offer our clients the building related services they require to be combined as part of a facilities management service to ensure; property compliance in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), risk mitigation and best practice.

All our maintenance is delivered to the industry standard SFG20 and our bulked service solutions. Covering the North of England our engineers are on call to meet the needs of our clients’ inspection and testing needs, of lighting, equipment, heating, fire safety and water hygiene.

Statutory Building Compliance & Testing
Hard Services

Electrical Inspection and Testing

Our electrical engineers are on call to meet the requirements of our clients’ whether it is an inspection or testing, fixing electrical wires to power your lighting or equipment and heating. With both Health and Safety regulations and insurance companies demanding more rigorous conditions of cover, it is vital that building electrical installations are properly maintained.

Emergency Lighting

We ensure that the emergency lighting in our client’s buildings are kept maintained through the provision of regular testing. Emergency lighting is normally required to operate fully automatically and provide illumination at a sufficient level to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely. Our qualified engineers will ensure minimum monthly and annual standards are adhered too.

Gas, Plumbing and Heating

Penguin FM offer a full circle service of installations, regular servicing and emergency repairs for your gas, plumbing and heating services. All our engineers are fully qualified, CHAS accredited and FGas certified to ensure your Gas, Plumbing and Heating systems remains fully operations, well maintained and working to highest levels of energy efficiency.

Fire Safety 

You (the responsible person) are legally obliged to conduct a Fire Risk Assessments and provide adequate Safety Training, Fire Alarm Servicing & Maintenance and Fire Extinguisher Servicing. Penguin FM can assist in undertaking these fire precautions as a third-party quality assured company.

Fire Safety

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Planned, Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

At Penguin FM we are a PPM maintenance company, who can schedule maintenance to be performed on a piece of equipment or on building fabric before a breakdown happens.

Breakdowns do happen and can be time consuming, reduce capacity and costly for your business.

It is important to reduce the potential for emergencies and breakdowns to occur, planned preventative maintenance is utilised to:

  • Identify any potential issues before they impact your business
  • Improve performance and safety of your building, its components and equipment
  • Lowers the risk of reduced productivity due to failure
  • Significantly extends the life of most equipment and building components
  • Maintains equipment warranty.
Planned, Preventative Maintenance - RCD Testing

Our PPM Maintenance services allows you stay in control of your business and budget, the benefits include:

  • Regular, Scheduled Visits – Our engineers will carry out pre planned scheduled visits to minimises disruption to your company and ideally avoid your most productive times. With regular visits we will be able to get to know the building fabric and equipment, which would ensure any changes would be noticed quickly allowing for immediate, appropriate action to be taken.
Planned, Preventative Maintenance - Air Conditioning
  • Advanced Planning for Financial Outlay – Paying for adhoc repairs can be costly and doesn’t allow for accurate financial planning. Regular planned, preventative maintenance however is delivered at a regular cost which can be budgeted and will minimise long term cost due to the ongoing maintenance previously undertaken.
  • Out of Hours Maintenance – We are a 24-hour facilities management company meaning we are able to carry out works at the any time as required by client. We understand that maintenance on some facilities are not appropriate when customers are within the premises so we schedule times that are suitable and safe for clients and their customers.
  • Decreased Downtime – Downtime for any business is a negative which can lead to a reduction in production, decreased opportunities or limited access which can lead to significant client frustration and financial outlay.
  • Improved Safety – Safety is our central focus; it is an essential factor of running our business.  Regular maintenace, certification and checks that are statutory by law all contribute to ensuring a premise, the building fabric and equipment.
  • Cost Saving – The introduction will reduce time, create better financial planning and increase productivity. These all contribute to the cost saving benefits achieved when regular planned, preventative maintenance is undertaken.

Emergency and Reactive Maintenance 

Penguin FM are an emergency and reactive maintenance services company working with a variety of businesses, organisations and SMEs on commercial property. Powered by our intuitive, advanced live electronic system and help desk to log your emergency call outs, our reactive maintenance engineers are always ready to support our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether your building requires an emergency plumber or an electrician, a locksmith or a glazer, we can help your business remain operational by using our 4-hour call out contracted services to arrange Emergency and Reactive Maintenance or 24-hour for all non-business critical reactive maintenance.

Emergency and Reactive Maintenance - Roofing Repair

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Penguin FM is a Leeds-based facilities management company offering facilities management services to a variety of organisations, we have built a dedicated team of hardworking, skilled and experienced professionals enabling us to offer the very best FM solutions to our clients.

If you are interested in Penguin FM’s services and solutions, please call a friendly member of the team on 0113 815 6111 or simply email us on info@penguinfm.co.uk with your request.